My story


My story

Hi, I'm Zoe.  

The idea for Motherkind came to me on a rainy Thursday afternoon.

My 8 month old daughter was going through a period of not eating, I was struggling with comparison to other mums (thanks Instagram) and I felt guilty and insecure a lot of the time.

Having my daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me - it also brought to the surface all my fears, anxiety and my old coping mechanisms (hello hard-on-myself-perfectionist).

                                                          What had happened to me?

Before becoming a Mum I had a strong self-care routine of daily meditation and yoga. I had been in 12 step recovery for 10 years. I'd trained as meditation teacher, a coach and Kundalini yoga teacher. 

                                                      I thought I had it sussed.

I knew these feelings of fear, doubt and insecurity – I had experienced them in my early 20’s before I found my spiritual path and I felt back in that place.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one – many of my mum friends shared the same feelings of fear, guilt and anxiety mixed in with the overwhelming love and joy.  

I believe children are our greatest teachers. 

We can take the fears, anxiety and guilt and learn from it. Becoming a mother is the perfect time to heal old wounds, resolve issues, release old thought patterns, get to know ourselves and what we really want on a whole new level. 

So I set about working out how to fit in everything I knew to do - self-care, inner reflection, therapy and meditation with being a mum.

I’m still learning but it’s working. I feel guilt-free (most of the time), confident and happy.

I’m so aware that my daughter won’t do what I say, but copy what I do. If I want her to be happy, secure and confident – I have to show her what that looks like.   

My mission is with Motherkind is to share my skills and experiences to support other mums with the journey into motherhood. I hope to create a community of like-minded mums who see motherhood as an invitation to re-connect with our true selves. 

Official bio: 

Zoe is a Khalsa Way pregnancy yoga teacher and a coach. She is also trained in various self-development techniques and has a background in 12 step recovery. Zoe is on a mission to support mothers in connecting back to ourselves through the mayhem of modern motherhood. Through Motherkind Zoe hosts The Motherkind Podcast, runs events, workshops and offers one to one work for Mums.

Zoe is also a successful business and marketing consultant working with brands such as BMW, MINI, Hiscox and Propercorn. 





At Motherkind, we believe motherhood is an invitation for a new way to be. 

It's so easy to lose ourselves in busyness rushing on autopilot to playdates, work and racing through the never-ending to-do list. Our heads are spinning - it's stressful, and anxiety bubbles just under the surface. 

It doesn't have to be that way.

Our mission is to support you with our mantra progress not perfection, guided by our three principles: 

we Let go of guilt, beating ourselves up and fear 

we Prioritise how things feel over how they look

we aim for a more peaceful headspace more of the time




I specialise in helping modern mums navigate motherhood. As an experienced speaker I can engage audiences with my unique view on the following:  

  • What it means to be a modern mum and why we’re being called to do it differently to any generation before us

  • Meditation and mindfulness for busy mums – why becoming a mum is the perfect time to start meditating and how to make it work

  • Connecting with our intuition despite our busy lives and schedules

  • Modern spirituality and why it’s vital for mums

  • Creating a grounded mindset to help mums stay connected and calm

  • Entrepreneurial mums in the digital age

  • Marketing to mums – why most brands get it wrong

In my successful corporate career, I became known for my engaging, confident delivery. I bring all my sleek professionalism, honed knowledge and deep passion for my subject to every talk I give.

If you need a modern, dynamic view on motherhood for your next event, press launch or conference then please do get in touch.