Madeleine Shaw, Nutritional Health Coach and best-selling author, joined The Motherkind Podcast on Episode 29.

As a relatively new mum herself, Madeleine knows the problem facing so many of us mums -  we can be so focused on feeding and looking after everyone else, we almost forget that we have to look after ourselves too.

“Know you’re not alone” if you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed, but also know that what you’re feeding your body can have a massive impact on your mood, energy and sleep.

Here’s Madeline’s top 3 tips for busy, tired mums:

  1. Eat a protein-packed breakfast

“The way you start your day is really important”, so when you eat breakfast, making sure protein is in it is essential.

Protein “helps balance your blood sugar levels and keeps you fuller for longer” and won’t give you that “big crash” that so many of us experience mid-morning, Madeleine explains.

For us mum’s this is so important, as we're are so busy and constantly on the go - we need equal amounts of energy and patience! If you just have a coffee or a piece of toast for breakfast, “you’re going to crash and burn”, says Madeleine, who also adds it may affect your mood and make you feel more erratic (NOT what we need….)

Having protein with your breakfast avoids this “sugar roller-coaster” and will set you up for a better day.  

How to: Madeleine suggests scrambled eggs on toast, smoothies with protein powder, or adding high protein seeds such as hemp to your porridge.

       2. Clear out bad food from your cupboards

You can’t eat something if you don’t have it in your cupboard! She also suggests minimising the size of things you’re trying to limit - such as only having a small pack of biscuits or a tiny amount of chocolate.

Make sure you’ve got some “healthy snacks on hand” such as nuts, oat bars or fruit.

How to:  Don’t have anything in your cupboards that you don’t want to eat; but do make sure you have easy to grab, healthy snacks to hand. 

           3. Prepare meals in advance

“Prepping is everything” says Madeleine, it saves time (essential for us busy mum’s) helps make sure we eat the right things (to ensure we have enough sustainable energy) and can even help us save money by cooking in batches (winner).

Madeleine normally prepares her food on a Sunday, or in the night-time for the next day. It will save you time over the course of the week, allowing you to focus on getting the things you need to do, done.

How to:   Create a bircher cereal overnight by soaking oats or muesli in almond milk, to which you can also add seeds or protein powder. A quick meal prepping trick is to buy or roast a rotisserie chicken, which you can quickly add to rice and spinach or vegetables to make a quick healthy meal.


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