Speaking on The Motherkind Podcast Ep26 Mel Wells, bestselling author and the UK’s leading Eating Psychology coach and Self Love expert shared her 7 top tips for mums to love their post baby body.

1)      Throw away the scales

“We are so much more than what we see in the mirror” Mel explains, likewise we are so much more than what we see on the scales. If you are constantly obsessing with how you look or what you weigh, “I always advice to go back to how you’re feeling” says Mel. The real answer is always there, not in a number you see.

2)     Change your mindset from ‘getting your old body back’

You’re not going that way. Why would you want to go backward? Look forwards - embrace your new body and celebrate it.

3)      See it as a new chapter

See this time in your life as an opportunity to reconnect with your body. To love her. Afterall she has grown and birthed your baby.  If you’ve been punishing your body, see this as a chance to celebrate her - try new ways of moving your body, new ways of feeling good and always come from a loving, gentle place.

4)      Ban ‘Should’s’

Reframe the way you talk to yourself. Rather than saying ‘I should’ try coming from a place that feels good and brings joy.

5)      Listen to your body: notice when you’re full and when you’re hungry

“Be aware of emotional eating” says Mel. Emotional eating is a challenge for a lot of us, and people often eat when they are lonely, tired or stressed (tick tick tick for a new mum!). If you feel stressed it is more effective (and loving) to deal with the root cause of that stress, rather than mask it by eating. Learn to distinguish between when you are hungry and when you are emotional eating.

6)      Ask yourself powerful questions 

Having healthy food or pre-prepared food is fine, but we need to be aware of when this is about control or self-punishment. Two questions that are vital for any mother wishing to change her relationship with her body are; ‘what would someone who loves themselves do?’ and ‘what would I want my child to do?’.

7)      Learn about what makes you feel good

“We must learn what makes our own body feel good, rather than being told what is good from the internet or a book.” Certainly get inspiration and ideas from what’s around you, but ultimately know that this is your relationship with food. The key is learning to eat from a place of self-love for yourself and your body.