Motherhood is amazing. It’s also amazingly challenging. I started Motherkind to inspire and support busy, stressed and disconnected mums back to ourselves.

Our true selves. Not who we think we ‘should’ be.

Our lives are so full on and we often get stuck on the ‘give, give, give’ train and doing what we think we ‘should’ be doing to the point of total exhaustion - it’s hard to carve out the nurturing, reflective space we need to find ourselves again.

I know because I’ve been there and I’ve used all my personal experiences and 10 years worth of personal development training and passion to build this 3 month programme.

The programme is based on soulful, intuitive coaching methods which I’ve studied and applied to my own and my clients lives’ with incredible results. 

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Ready to know more? 

Are you constantly busy with a million things on the to-do list and rarely find the time to check in with yourself and your dreams and goals? 

Has life started to feel like a hamster wheel? 

Are you starting to feel like a stranger to yourself? 

Do you relate....? 

  • You put everyone else first and as a result you feel totally disconnected from yourself; you’ve even forgotten what makes you, you

  • You don’t have as much fun as you used to and struggle to prioritise time just to enjoy yourself

  • You’ve forgotten who you really are since becoming a Mum, what lights you up and makes you feel great

  • As a result you might be missing your pre-Mum life and your thoughts wander to the freedom and fun you once had

  • You compare yourself to other mums and even mums you don’t know on social media and often end up beating yourself up for what you think they have or feel

This program is focused on supporting to you to deeply reconnect with yourself, who are you and what lights you up.

I believe we can use the challenges and triggers of motherhood and life to turn inwards and start to live our best lives. To become the best version of YOU.

I believe you are brilliantly unique, talented and one of a kind. You already have everything within you you need to become your best self - you are not ‘broken’ and I will not ‘fix’ you.

I will guide you to unlearning and letting go of what isn’t serving you and hold your hand as you step back into your power as a woman and mother.

Together we can shed old, limited beliefs and thought patterns about yourself and transform into your calmest, strongest, most alive self.

Sound good?

This program is specially designed and focused on supporting to you to deeply reconnect with yourself, our relationship with ourselves sets the tone for EVERYTHING in our lives - our work, our family, our relationship with our children….I believe this will be the most important investment you ever make….

Imagine if...

  • You got to know yourself all over again, with new new loving eyes and finally started to love who you really are

  • ‘Should’ became a distant memory for you and you rarely acted out of a place of obligation

  • Learn how to ‘put your own oxygen mask on first’ - learn ways to prioritise your own well being first so you enjoy being with family in a more present and connected way

  • Feel confident, assured and esteemed about who you are, what you want and how you’re going to get there

  • Know what works and doesn’t work for you and how to apply that knowledge to create more enjoyable days

  • Get rid of ‘compare and despair’ for good

  • You never saw your diary and rolled your eyes but felt calm and on top of things

This 6 phase program is run over 3 transformational months and will guide you through my proven strategies so that the reconnection back to you not only starts but stays.

This programme will guide and support you to feel more connected to you - it is normal to expect big inner and outer shifts as we move through the phases.

Month one:

 Phase 1: Clarity

  • We will understand where you are now, what isn’t working for you, what is and the powerful insights these hold for you and your personal plan for success

  • You will feel understood and held by me as we start to explore together what’s holding you back and how disconnection from yourself is manifesting in your life  

Phase 2: Re-Connection

  • We’ll get clear on your dreams, what lights you up and makes you, you - get ready to feel excited for the future….

  • Together we’ll deep dive into what is blocking you from being your best self - we’ll look at your beliefs, your past experiences and unhelpful behaviours that may be getting in your way - which often comes from a place of fear

  • We’ll explore your relationship to yourself and how to start coming home to yourself with love

  • We will arrive at a plan to navigate you through the things that are blocking you from expressing who you truly are 

Month two:

Phase 3: Mindset

  • Together we’ll work on your mindset - reframing unhelpful thoughts, learning how to identify and change your relationship to your inner critic and start to love yourself again - we’ll really flex your self-kindness muscle here

  • This phase is packed full of practical yet life changing exercises - all based on the premise that what we think, we become and that it’s our relationship to ourselves that sets the tone for everything else in our life...          

 Phase 4: Letting go

  • A big part of transformation and reconnection is letting go of what’s no longer serving you and stopping controlling what you can’t change - we focus on changing what you can and tools to help you loosen your tight grip on life

  • Together, we’ll create a plan to help you shed what no longer works, to make space for the new both in a physical and mental sense and we’ll ensure that everything in your life aligns to your best self

Month three:

Phase 5: Sustain

  • Establishing your new empowered mindset and your go-to practices to continue deepening your sense of self 

  • To support and sustain your own sense of self and focus for years to come

 Phase 6: Consolidation  

  • Daily tools & your own self care menu of repeatable resources

  • Time for you to reflect on your progress and together we'll cement plans for the future


What’s included when we work together:

  • 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions over Skype with me (2 per month)

  • 6 x 15 min phone calls with me between sessions to keep you on track (on the weeks we don’t have coaching session)

  • Bespoke weekly and daily homework tasks to build on our one to one sessions 

  • Worksheets and resources you can refer back to again and again

  • Weekly review of your progress in the session, with tips and guidance to help you move forwards

  • Bespoke guided meditations to enhance your inner work   

  • A bespoke and created for specially for you reading and watching list (I’ll create after our first session together)

  • Unlimited texts/ emails with me throughout the program

  • Free tickets to any talks and events I am running during our time together

  • A surprise gift from me (and a few of my favourite brands...) 

What I expect from you:

Like with anything in life, you get out what you put in. You need to be ready and willing to change - to be honest with yourself and me.

You will need at least 15 mins a day for daily homework and 1-2 hours a week for weekly homework plus our one on one sessions.  

For 3 months you will have a cheerleader, personal guide and supporter in your pocket.

My style is professional, kind, warm, energetic and (so I’ve been told) hugely inspiring.

Get ready for things to change….