You may be feeling guilty and worried most of the time; your thoughts race at a million miles an hour and you can’t seem to find any peace of mind.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Your self-doubt is at an all time high and every decision you make feels like the ‘wrong’ one
  • Feeling an uneasy tension between your work and family life; you feel guilty whatever you do  
  • You are hard on yourself - expecting yourself to be able to do it all perfectly and you struggle to find any compassion for yourself
  • You might be feeling unheard and when you do share a little of how you feel, friends and family rush in with solutions and ‘fixes’ which isn’t what you need
  • You constantly feel like you are getting it ‘wrong’ and you are certain that there is a ‘right’ way that you’re just not getting (but everyone else seems to)
  • You feel overwhelmed and even panicky at times

You may think feeling guilty and stressed is a normal part of motherhood - but I don't buy into that narrative. I want you to free yourself of the constant nagging guilt that's blocking you from joyfully experiencing every day. 

Our signature 6 week 'Freedom From Guilt' coaching program is specifically designed to soothe your soul and transition you to place of freedom and acceptance. 

You will learn how to manage and re-frame feelings of guilt and worry - to step out of the negative thoughts and into a state of ease and flow. 

Outlined below is the basic structure for the 6 part programme. This will be tailored to your individual challenges after our initial assessment. The programme uses proven strategies from mindfulness, transformative coaching, mindset and spiritual principles. 

Week one:    Clarity: get clear on what's triggering the feelings of guilt and stress

Week two:    Vision: what life will look like guilt and stress free 

Week three: Mindset: remove the blocks stopping you from living your best life  

Week four:   Self love and compassion: find a place of acceptance, gentleness and ease with yourself

Week five:    Confidence: how to feel strong, in the flow and confident

Week six:     Peace of mind: stay calm & connected whatever happens; practices to sustain you