Episode 13: healthy eating and second chances with Lizzie King

This week I chat to the wonderful Lizzie King, from Lizzie Loves Healthy. Lizzie is an author, nutritional health coach, food writer and mum of 3. If you've ever been confused by the sugar debate, worried about fussy eaters or need some healthy snack inspiration...then this one is for you.

Lizzie was a joy to talk to, not only is she highly knowledgeable she's also practical and down to earth. As a mum of 3, she knows how to manage busy mum life with healthy eating for the whole family.

We chat about: 
- How she started
- Sugar - what to avoid and how
- Easy, healthy snacks to replace the junk
- Fussy eaters and how to introduce new foods
- Her amazing health hacks (cherry and charcoal!) 
- The one thing she'd give to all the mums in the world

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Episode 12: motherhood and ambition with Nicky Raby


Episode 12: motherhood and ambition with Nicky Raby

Episode 12 is with Nicky Raby - Nicky is a is an actor, coach, writer, and speaker. I know for so many of us when we become a parent, it sharply puts our working life into focus. What do we really want to do? How can make work, work? Nicky is passionate about helping mothers define their own version of success.

We chat about: 
- Figuring it out as we go
- How becoming a mum can help us get clear on what we really want and what success means to us
- how a lack of time can actually be a gift
- boundaries, saying no and asking for help
- how becoming a mum helps us look at our expectations and limiting beliefs
- knowing our worth, even in a new venture

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If you're interested in working with Nicky find her on the usual social channels and at www.nickyraby.com/personalbrandplan.

ARE YOU PREGNANT? I'd love to see you at my self-care for new mums workshop 'Becoming Mum' 24th Feb in London. All details are on the website www.motherkind.co.


Episode 11: birth trauma, what it is and what we can do about it with Dr Rebecca Moore

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 16.25.52.png

Episode 11 is with Dr Rebecca Moore, who is a consultant perinatal psychiatrist with over 20 years experience in treating the psychological aspects of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. Her clinical expertise covers PTSD, birth trauma, anxiety, depression, and the mum-baby bond. She is also training to be an Integrative Practioner - which is a healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle.

I was so excited to chat with Becca and learn more about this vitally important area and the work she does.

What we cover in this episode:

- What birth trauma is and how we know if we need help
- What we can do to prepare for birth
- The importance of normalising psychologically challenging births
- The power of journaling and other ways we can start to process our birth experiences

I hope you enjoy the episode and if you want to talk directly to Becca about anything we cover in the episode, she is happy to respond to direct messages on Instagram @drrebeccamoore.

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Episode 10: Re-evaluating our expectations of motherhood with Anya Hayes

Anya Hayes.jpg

Anya Hayes is a health and wellbeing writer and speaker, and Pilates teacher specialising in pregnancy and post-natal. She is also the author of four books: My Pilates Guru, A Little Course in Pilates Pregnancy, The Naked Truth and her latest book, The Supermum Myth: Overcome anxiety, ditch guilt and embrace imperfection. On her blog - Mothers’ Wellness Toolkit - Anya shares her parenting journey, inspiration and loads of great tools on how to navigate the challenges of motherhood - check it out here motherswellnesstoolkit.wordpress.com and her Instagram, @mothers.wellness.toolkit.

I really enjoyed our chat, Anya and I could have chatted for hours – there was so much I wanted to talk to her about. She’s hugely inspiration and down to earth at the same time. I think we’ll definitely be recording another episode soon.

What we cover in the episode:

- The danger of expectations for both birth and motherhood
- 3 simple tools for staying calm during a toddler meltdown
- Control - why we crave it and what happens we lose it
- Listening to our instincts and not giving our power away
- Technology and social media - how to manage it mindfully

I came away from my chat with Anya with an even deeper appreciation of how challenging motherhood, and in particular, early motherhood is. It reaffirmed to me the importance of having tools in our toolkit to enable us to really enjoy those early days and the journey rather than being in survival mode all the time. I really hope you enjoy our chat and if you did please leave a review on iTunes and join in the conversation on Instagram @motherkind.co.


Episode 9: mindset and mindful sleep with team GB coach Natalie Pennicotte-Collier


This episode is with Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, the London based supercoach.

Natalie is on a mission to transform the Sleep, Mental Health & Wellbeing for pupils, parents, athletes and gen X. Natalie is a mum of 2 and the only integrative hypnotherapist & Mindful practitioner working in Elite Sport. Natalie has developed a 5 week sleep Mindset course, to transform your relationship with sleep and wellbeing and through CalmerRama (@calmerrama), Nat is on a mission with her award winning youth mental health workshops championing modern mindfulness for all.

What we cover in the episode:

- Limiting beliefs - what they are and how they hold us back
- How we can help our children's mindset from an early age
- The surprising things about sleep you probably don't know
- A new approach to sleep for mum's

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Episode 8: living from the inside out with transformational coach Nicky Clinch

nicky clinch motherkind podcast

Nicky Clinch is an incredibly inspiring woman having recovered from substance addiction at a really young age to now making a hugely positive impact on the world through her work as a Transformational Life Coach, Macrobiotic Counsellor and Chef.

Nicky and I cover so much in this episode including:

- Being authentic on Instagram and social media
- Her challenging start to life and why she's grateful for it
- Living and healing from the inside, out
- Her journey through motherhood and why she ended up throwing all her 'how to' books away
- 12 step Recovery and motherhood
- Her non-negotiable self-care ritual (it's not what you might expect!) 
- Learning how to trust our own instincts
- Bed sharing, breastfeeding and truth telling

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Episode 7: Practical wellbeing tools for busy mums with Julie Montagu - The Flexie Foodie

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 13.25.57.png

Julie Montagu was recently named one of the Top 10 Holistic Health Icons in the world, she is one of London's top yoga teachers (her Triyoga classes are always sell-outs) and she's a qualified plant-based nutritionist, she has 3 best selling cookbooks. She also has 4 children and more energy than anyone I've ever met. So chatting to Julie about my 2 passions; motherhood and wellbeing was a dream come true! 

What we cover in this episode: 

  • How Julie found yoga during her maternity leave and why her family were so supportive 
  • Julie's husbands' struggle with prescription drugs and what she did about it 
  • Self-care for busy mums 
  • How to make healthy eating a part of family life 
  • Her go-to tools and practices 
  • Julie reveals her new book, Recharge a Year of Self Care to focus on you 

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Episode 6: Yoga, grief and 'awarefulness' with Zephyr Wildman


Zephyr has been teaching Yoga since 2002 in London, trained via Yoga Campus and has been a Mentor on their yoga training program since 2005. Zephyr currently teaches at The Life Centre, yoga centres around London, privately, through online platforms such as (Movement for Modern Life – which has been described as the Netflix for yoga).

She is an also Yoga Ambassador for Our Mala and Lululemon. You might have seen Zephyr on Fearne Cotton’s Happiness Project series or read about her in Fearne’s book also called Happy.

I loved recording this episode - Zephyr is such a wise, gentle soul and her story is incredibly inspiring. I can't wait for you hear it. 

What we cover in the episode: 

  • Zephyr's journey into yoga
  • Her hippy childhood and what it taught her 
  • 12 step recovery in Al Anon
  • Parenting through grief and loss
  • Awarefulness - Zephyr's unique take on mindfulness

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Episode 5: Ditch the comparison with coach Lucy Sheridan


This episode features Lucy Sheridan, who is the world’s only comparison coach.

Lucy has been featured in The Times, Grazia, Stella Magazine and even Oprah’s Lifeclass. She is also co-creator of #HigherSelfie, the spiritual lifestyle brand and co-author of the book of the same name. 

Lucy really does walk her talk so check out her Instagram for a healthy dose of reality amongst your feed.

What we cover in the episode: 

  • Lucy's own struggles with comparison 
  • Why we're particularly prone to comparison as mum's 
  • How to own our power and get out of comparison 
  • Making new mum friends with ease and confidence 
  • Navigating the new dynamic in family relationships after having a baby 
  • Managing our energy - knowing when to say no 
  • What our comparison can teach us 
  • Practical tips for overcoming comparison 

I hope you enjoyed the episode. If you did please leave a review on itunes. 



Episode 4: Finding ourselves through motherhood with Gurmukh Khalsa


This episode is incredibly special to me as it’s with my amazing Kundalini yoga teacher, Gurmukh Khalsa. You probably haven’t heard of Gurmukh but you will definitely have heard of some of her students who include Madonna, Reese Witherspoon and Miranda Kerr.

Gurmukh is a master kundalini teacher (she was taught by Yogi Bhajan), she co-founded the Golden Bridge yoga centres in LA and New York and has written 2 best selling books. Her book on pregnancy and birth is incredible – called Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in conscious pregnancy and birth, it became my bible as I was preparing for my home birth. In fact, Gurmukh was one of the first teachers to do pre and post natal classes and pioneered the home + natural birth movement.

Gurmukh is an incredible woman, whenever I’m in her presence I just feel like a more evolved version of myself – she really is an inspiration and her story is wonderfully life affirming.

What we cover in this episode: 

  • Her journey from hippy to Kundalini Yoga Master 
  • How you know when you're called to become a mother 
  • Meditation in motherhood and why motherhood is the perfect time to start meditating 
  • What our generation of mothers are being called to do 
  • Her Khalsa Way Pre-Natal Yoga trainings 

I hope Gurmukh’s gentleness and wisdom inspire you and if you enjoyed the episode please leave a review on itunes. 






Episode 3: the art of self care for busy mums with Suzy Reading

Profile Pic.jpg

Suzy Reading is a mum of 2, a Chartered Psychologist specialising in wellbeing, stress management and self-care. Suzy is a contributing editor for Psychologies Magazine and the Psychology Expert for wellbeing brand Neom Organics. She is also incredibly wise and gentle.

I loved our chat and it got me thinking about my own self-care practices and how important it is as a mum that I keep myself topped up, not just doing this stuff when I’m already on the floor.

Keep an eye out for Suzy's first book -  The Self Care Revolution which will be released in December 2017.

What we cover in this episode

  • Suzy's definition of self care 
  • How to make self-care work for each of us as individuals
  • Suzy's journey into specialising in self care
  • Mum guilt and what we can do about it 
  • When self care becomes stressful 
  • Practical self care tips for busy mums 
  • Her unique 'vitality wheel' approach 

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Episode 2: Making friends with anxiety, with Chloe Brotheridge

Chloe Brotheridge [Low Res]-065.jpg

Chloe Brotheridge is is a hypnotherapist, anxiety expert and author of The Anxiety Solution released early this year which is fast becoming the go to book for anyone struggling with anxiety. 

I hear so many mum’s struggling with anxiety and I’ve definitely had my own issues with it, so it was a real pleasure chatting to Chloe about all things anxiety related.

What we cover in this episode: 

  • Chloe's own journey with anxiety
  • Her hippy parents and what they taught her
  • Meditation
  • Chloe's go to affirmation to soothe anxiety 
  • What anxiety has to teach us 
  • How we can help our children if we think they might be anxious

I hope you enjoy the episode and if you did, then please leave a review and comment. Here it is. 


Episode 1 : How to thrive through the overwhelm of motherhood, with Marianne Williamson

MWgreen172_RRR_Hi Rez.jpg

"Nothing I have ever done has been more difficult than being a good mother" Marianne Williamson

This episode is a huge one was me as I was privledged enough to interview one of my favourite teachers, Marianne Williamson.

Marianne is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer. Seven of her twelve published books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Four of these have been #1. Her most famous book is called A Return to Love which is definitely on my must-read list for anyone interested in spirituality or personal development.

A paragraph from that book, beginning “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” has become an anthem for modern seekers, despite it often being mis-quoted as Nelson Mandela. 

What we cover in the episode: 

  • Her biggest challenges with motherhood and her regrets
  • The best parenting advice she ever received
  • The importance of the first 5 years 
  • Intimacy issues and our children 
  • Feminism and it's role in parenting 
  • Meditation with our children 
  • The spiritual challenge of motherhood 
  • Her view on stay at home mums
  • Parenting as a spiritual opportunity 

I hope you enjoy the episode. Let me know what you think in the comments.