Freddie Harrel is a prominent style blogger (having won Cosmopolitan Influencer of the Year ’18), confidence coach, entrepreneur and mum to a young son. Freddie has an amazing vibrancy and energy about her, which really comes through in our chat.

We discuss:

  • Her journey from corporate finance to fashion blogging, and how this mirrored her personal growth from self-hatred to self-acceptance.

  • The vital role therapy played in allowing her to understand the different aspects of herself that allowed her flourish in all aspects of her life, and overcome self-hatred.

  • The spiritual practices she uses today, including gratitude, journaling and law of attraction principles to manifest the energy and situations she wants in her life.

  • Motherhood and guilt, particularly the guilt associated through working through pregnancy and early motherhood.

  • Recognising our individual strengths as mums and  how it’s good to acknowledge that we are sometimes better with children at different stages of their lives.


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Freddie Harrel Timestamps

03:20 Why the summer is a transitional period for Freddie

04:53 Tools she uses to grow during challenging summer period

06:42 Freddie’s meditation practice

08:20 The consequences of Freddie missing her meditation

08:40 Self-hatred and the relationship Freddie has with herself

10:17 How has self-hatred manifested for Freddie?

11:48 Her career journey from banking to fashion blogging

15:20 How she transformed from self-hating to becoming her true self

19:00 Therapy and the origins of her blog

22:45 Freddie’s spiritual practice

26:25 the power of asking the universe for what you want and gratitude

28:03 Guilt and motherhood

33:05 Social media and the impact on expectations

37:21 What has Freddie’s child taught her about herself?

41:20 What we can learn from children

44:30 What Freddie is currently working on, personally and professionally

49:25 If you could give all the mum’s in the world one thing, what would it be and why?