Mother’s Day is a great day for feeling the love and appreciation from our children (hopefully!) . Flowers? A card? Brekkie in bed? Maybe even a lunch or dinner out.

But what about appreciating and loving ourselves on Mother’s Day?

Could we take the opportunity to give ourselves a big mother’s day hug and spend a few moments reflecting on what a great job we’re doing?

Motherkind is on a mission this Mother’s Day to inspire mum’s to take a moment to appreciate themselves and all they do - using the hashtag #mymotherkindday. A recent survey we conducted found that over 90% of mums felt guilt, stress and overwhelm most days. It’s clear us mum’s need to start being kinder to ourselves, so let’s start today.

I’ve recorded a special Mother’s Day guided meditation, that is only 5 minutes and is specifically designed to help you feel the love from you, to you.

You can download it for free here