We are the mothers.

The ones who know that the moment we gave birth, we were transformed. We were born as a mother.

We cannot be the same person we were before; we are being called to rise up and rise in.

We take this invitation to stop what doesn’t work for us, has never worked for us, to let go and develop a trust in life we never knew possible.

We are the ones who know whatever we want for our children, we must embody that. Kindness breeds kindness, unconditional love breeds unconditional love.

It begins with us.

We know how we talk to ourselves, is how we will talk to our children and they will internalise our voice. So we work every day on loving ourselves more.

This is our simple truth.

We open our hearts to the lessons and wisdom that our little ones will bring. We let them help us become who we truly are. And let them be who they truly are.

And we allow ourselves find the peace and happiness we, them and us all need in the world.