"Zoe is holding an important conversation about mothers and the lives we live."

Chloe Brotheridge, Author of The Anxiety Solution 

"Anxiety levels are rising and there has never been more pressure on women and Mums in particular. The message of Motherkind is desperately needed right now I'm so excited to see this positive message being spread far and wide"

Lucy sheridan, the comparison coach

"Parenting these days could not be a further cry from that of our parents. With conflicting information about details such as which step is in fact the naughty step, is it any wonder we have come to doubt ourselves and feel overwhelmed? Zoe's unrivalled work is a much needed antidote to soothe the souls' of mothers and help them go with the flow"

Persia Lawson, Author, Speaker + Love Coach







"Simply put, Zoe is my guru and I don't know how I ever survived without her. She possesses the rare gift of being able to eloquently articulate and offer crucial insights around the stresses and challenges that warp our modern minds. Her humble and simple approach to spirituality and motherhood is exactly what this world needs right now; if (or when...) I'm blessed with the wonderful and terrifying reality of having kids, it's Zoe I'll be turning to first for her unparalleled wisdom, compassion and support."

"Motherkind is a welcome tonic and one that is very much needed. I am wholeheartedly in support and can't wait to see the difference this is going to make to mums everywhere."

"Zoe is creating something extremely special and powerful with Motherkindl.  An opportunity for mothers to have the space and guidance to feel more accepting of themselves, empowered in who they are and connected in a community.  As a mother I know this to be fundamental to our wellbeing, emotional growth and confidence to not only be the best mothers we can be, but the best women we can be.  Whenever I have worked with Zoe she blows me away with her ability to see clearly what I need, her incredible compassion and care and her determination to offer this kind of holding and support to as many mothers as she can.  She is such an inspiration in every way"