Since becoming a mum all your relationships have shifted and changed; even your Mum in law (and maybe even your mum!) who you once loved spending time with is now a source of stress in your life.

Your relationship with your partner is almost unrecognisable as you struggle to find quality time together and navigate this new world of parenting together.  

You might be feeling disconnected from your ‘old’ friends as you make new mum friends. This might make you feel lonely at times.

You love your family but since when have they suddenly had so many opinions?!

This program will support you to tap into your power and your voice in your relationships allowing you to:

  • Activate and enjoy harmonious, fulfilling and positive relationships with your family
  • Accept a new level in your relationships which releases conflict from the past
  • Learn practical tools to navigate relationships in a new and positive way
  • Learn how to say ‘no’ in a loving, kind way and put boundaries in place
  • Feel less obsessive about what isn’t working in a relationship - keeping the focus on you and nurturing what IS working to help grow in the experience

Imagine not feeling a need to bitch and moan and being able to enjoy meeting people where they are not where you wish they were?

This program will guide you on a journey of self enquiry to be truly present and clean up the effect of your challenging emotions that can knock you off balance:

  • Step one. Assessment - what’s happening and what needs to transform?
  • Step two. What’s your part? Taking responsibility without blame. Beginning with yourself.
  • Step three. What can you change and what can’t you change. Letting go of what you can’t change and focussing on what you can. Stepping into your power and feeling capable to handle ‘what is’
  • Step four.  What do good relationships look like for you? How are you meeting your own needs?
  • Step five. The keys to successful relationships - keeping the focus on you, the mirror, compassion, love or a call for love, expectations.
  • Step 6.  Tools to use everyday to ensure harmonious and fulfilling relationships in the now and into the future