One of the best decisions I have ever made was to embark on this coaching programme with Zoe. It has been truly transformative in more ways than I thought possible and I will be forever grateful to Zoe for this. She guided me through with kindness and compassion and with her vast knowledge helped me tackle what was at times challenging personal work. I always felt supported within the safe space Zoe created for me to work in and able to be brave enough to be vulnerable while working hard to achieve the goals we set out at the beginning. It has changed me for the better and I believe the work Zoe and Motherkind does is extremely special. Thank you Zoe for helping me figure myself out again xx

(Anon, mum of 3, London)

Zoe has this incredible gift - she is truly a soul whisperer. I wouldn’t have believed that in three short months working with Zoe - my life would never be the same again - I feel more true to myself, more authentic, empowered, light, joyful and excited about the future. If, like me, you’ve been listening to the podcast thinking how transformative it might be to work with Zoe but don’t have the time/energy/confidence etc. - just do it! You will not look back - in fact you won’t even recognise that person on the other side. And you’ll have the tools and knowledge to come out on the other side when life inevitably gets tough. What’s the gift I’d give all mothers? Zoe and her ‘reconnect to you’ programme. Forever grateful,

Nadia, UK.

Zoe's course changed my life (and therefore my daughters' lives and their children's lives.) I've always been a good mother but I didn't believe that I was. I used to be very anxious and have a lot of strict rules regarding how I lived my life. Over the course, I've learned how to be more joyful in life - especially around my kids. I've become a much more confident and calmer person. I've reconnected with my kids, husband, friends, but mainly to myself - and I'm so grateful to Zoe for helping me on this journey.

Lisa - London

Honestly I couldn’t recommend Zoe and her amazing ‘Reconnect to you’ programme any more. Zoe has taught me so much in only 3 months, things I have been struggling with for many many years which with her help I’ve managed to work past. She’s taught me to connect to my feelings, how to be kinder to myself but also how to realise so much about how to love the person I am. Although I’d never considered working with a coach before, or even knew what to expect, I was so impressed with how much it has helped me. Especially with reducing the anxiety I’ve suffered for a very very long time. More than I thought it would. It’s truely changed my life in such a positive way. I’ll be forever grateful for having the opportunity to work with Zoe - wonderful, inspirational, and knowledgeable.

Vanessa Stockdale, mum of one

I found Zoe and Motherkind through her podcasts and felt instantly that she was on my wavelength. I’d been feeling really lost in the early years of motherhood, especially after some huge upheaval, I was worried about finding the time to fit in the work but Zoe was understanding and flexible, even working around a 8hr time difference. The programme was so well structured yet personalised to my needs and Zoe was so incredibly supportive, giving me the time, space and tools to work through the process. By the end I felt like ‘me’ again, much lighter energetically and connected - with myself, my family and the flow of life. My husband noticed a huge change in me and comments how much more calm and patient I am. I would definitely recommend the programme and working with Zoe.

Maddy, Japan, mum of one

Working with Zoe on the reconnect to you programme has been life changing. She beautifully and gently guided me through this journey to get to know myself again and actually start to love myself. She provided me with some simple but hugely effective tools which I’m using daily to stay connected to myself. I can’t recommend Zoe highly enough. The tools of the programme and Zoe’s wonderfully supportive approach are truly life changing.

Jennie, Maidenhead, mum of two

Working with Zoe has been a hugely challenging and rewarding experience. The programme pushed me to confront limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that have been playing on repeat my whole life. It then provided me with the tools, evidence and trust to start to take those initial steps towards a total transformation of my relationship with myself and those around me. I loved the mixture of reflection and practical action, and when things got tough - which they certainly did - Zoe was always there to encourage, motivate and inspire me to keep going. Zoe is warm, compassionate and reassuring - I'm amazed by how far I've come in so little time and it is all thanks to her.

Harriet, Boston, USA, mum of two

I completed Zoe's 'reconnect to you' programme in December 2018. I have two sons aged 5 and 2 and felt I had totally lost myself over the last 5 years of being a stay at home mum, constantly stuck in 'give give give'. Life didn't feel fun and I had lost my joy. Signing up felt like a daunting prospect and I knew that after speaking to Zoe for an initial consultation that it would be hard work, but I can honestly say it's one of the best things I've ever done.

Zoe's programme has a clear structure and a tried and tested formula, whilst at the same time being personalised and tailored to my needs. Her brain is a library of all the books and articles she has read, podcasts she has listened to and videos she has watched and she was quickly able to recommend ones that would be relevant to me. I was so grateful too that Zoe offered some of her personal history and advice from her own experiences too.

Zoe's advice was practical and realistic and offered some quick solutions to daily motherhood stresses, as well as helping me to confront some big feelings along the way. I had a lot of unlearning and letting go to do! Over Christmas when I was not able to do my daily gratitude lists and to factor in my 'time for me' I noticed a huge difference in my temperament and behaviours which has helped me to realise that these are now non-negotiable for me. Whilst I still slip into my negative thought patterns, I now feel more able to reassure myself that I have the tools to deal with it quicker and more effectively.

Zoe also helped me to work through my beliefs around money which brought up a lot of feelings, and I am much kinder to myself as a result. My husband and family have seen a real shift in my mood and my children have also very much seen the benefit.

I have had Zoe withdrawal symptoms since finishing the course so I love listening and re-listening to her inspirational podcasts - I look forward to doing some on off coaching sessions with her in the future. Thank you Zoe for sharing, guiding and listening!

Rachel, London, Mum of two

I completed the coaching with Zoe back in December 2018 and can sincerely say it was time, money and energy well spent. The coaching sessions were a mix of talking, sharing, laughing, exploring, discussing, crying (me!) and identifying beliefs alongside some practical and helpful exercises which really focused on providing me with the necessary tools to start building and gaining confidence and clarity in the areas I needed it the most.

It was intense at times, and did require a good chunk of commitment which sometimes felt tricky on top of life in general but I could always reach out to Zoe if it felt too much or if I was particularly struggling with something. The exercises helped me see how I was holding myself back and how, by learning to look after myself in really simple ways, this benefitted my mental health, my relationships, my boys and my work.

I was after dramatic breakthroughs, bolts of lightning, lightbulb moments, where I thought that by figuring out what my chosen career path is (after having children), all my problems would be solved. Zoe gently helped me realise that this isn't always the case but by taking small steps and giving me the tools to recognise what serves me and nourishes me, I can work towards this goal in a much more calm and confident way.  I recognised my worth and that I didn't need to stay in a job which was defeating me, draining my energy, compromising my values and causing me to be really quite unhappy, just because it fitted in with childcare! In fact, the tools help me in every way, in every day life which is so much more precious to me now, than the so-called lightbulb moments.

One huge bonus to the coaching scheme was Zoe's availability outside of our allocated sessions. I could always drop her a what's app or email if I needed to and having the session notes sent to me each week meant I could read and re-read them whenever I needed to which  made me feel very supported during the process. Our sessions often went over the allocated hour but Zoe was generous enough to allow them to finish in their own time. The catch up sessions were great to keep me on track as well!

Quite simply, I think that the work Zoe does and the example she sets in her podcasts, blogs, social media activities, and particularly during the 'Reconnect to You' coaching course is just invaluable. Her frankness, honesty and openness meant that I could really open up and express some of my deepest fears in the knowledge that it was a safe, confidential space.

Basically, Zoe gets it. She gets the challenges of being a modern Mother, and the changes to our identity it can create, but also of managing mental health, jobs, careers, family with our expectations, both perceived, imagined, internal and external. I genuinely miss Zoe now our sessions have ended but I know the tools, the changes and the mental attitude I developed while working through the Reconnect to You programme will have a long lasting effect and resonate with me for a good while yet. 

Alex, mum of twins, London

It was an absolute honour to work with Zoe, she has such a calm, gentle approach and is so very wise. The programme really was transformational and has fundamentally shifted how I perceive the day to day challenges encountered as a mum. It has set me up with strong foundations, from which I can move forward and an invaluable toolkit of resources to use both day to day and when struggling. Thank you! x

Celene, North London.

I have been fortunate to take the Reconnect to You programme, which has been life changing for me. In such a short space of time, Zoe has managed to quash negative beliefs that I had about myself for decades and I have started to believe in myself. The balance of motherhood, work and most importantly looking ourselves is very difficult. Zoe has been able to demonstrate how all of this is achievable and it is all within my gift and most importantly, I am now doing it. I've been blown away by the impact the programme has had both personally and professionally. Zoe is incredibly knowledgeable and is a genius in what she does. I'm very grateful that I found Zoe and this programme and very excited about my future.

Kate, London, mum of two



"Zoe is holding an important conversation about mothers and the lives we live."

Chloe Brotheridge, Author of The Anxiety Solution 

"Anxiety levels are rising and there has never been more pressure on women and Mums in particular. The message of Motherkind is desperately needed right now I'm so excited to see this positive message being spread far and wide"

Lucy sheridan, the comparison coach

"Parenting these days could not be a further cry from that of our parents. With conflicting information about details such as which step is in fact the naughty step, is it any wonder we have come to doubt ourselves and feel overwhelmed? Zoe's unrivalled work is a much needed antidote to soothe the souls' of mothers and help them go with the flow"

Persia Lawson, Author, Speaker + Love Coach







"Simply put, Zoe is my guru and I don't know how I ever survived without her. She possesses the rare gift of being able to eloquently articulate and offer crucial insights around the stresses and challenges that warp our modern minds. Her humble and simple approach to spirituality and motherhood is exactly what this world needs right now; if (or when...) I'm blessed with the wonderful and terrifying reality of having kids, it's Zoe I'll be turning to first for her unparalleled wisdom, compassion and support."

"Motherkind is a welcome tonic and one that is very much needed. I am wholeheartedly in support and can't wait to see the difference this is going to make to mums everywhere."

"Zoe is creating something extremely special and powerful with Motherkind.  An opportunity for mothers to have the space and guidance to feel more accepting of themselves, empowered in who they are and connected in a community.  As a mother I know this to be fundamental to our wellbeing, emotional growth and confidence to not only be the best mothers we can be, but the best women we can be.  Whenever I have worked with Zoe she blows me away with her ability to see clearly what I need, her incredible compassion and care and her determination to offer this kind of holding and support to as many mothers as she can.  She is such an inspiration in every way"