In this sponsored episode, I am joined by Dimitra Davidson. Dimitra is the President and COO of Indeed Labs, a global skincare brand, a hugely successful businesswoman and mum to three girls.

We cover:

  • Self-care and how she manages her own well-being. Find out the importance to her of having time to reflect and the power of being alone.

  • Her experience of parenting; from her own parenting style to what her daughters have taught her about vulnerability. Learn how she has carried this lesson on vulnerability through to all aspects of her life.

  • Work and life balance. Hear why she strongly believes in achieving this balance and how she supports the team who work for her in achieving it.

  • Business advice on setting up a business and the reality of running a business.

This episode was brought to you in partnership with Indeed Labs, who can be found at


04:38 Dimitra’s journey into her current business

07:30 Dimitra’s ‘why’ and what gets her up in the morning

09:15 Self-care and being kind to yourself whilst also being a successful businesswoman

13:20 You don’t have to know it all

14:10 What is beauty?

17:00 What Dimitra’s daughters have taught her about life and business

19:10 Vulnerability in business

21:50 The importance of work/life balance

24:20 Dimitra’s parenting style

28:10 Advice for starting a business or brand

33:00 Dimitra’s guilt as a mum

35:00 What’s happening for Dimitra personally and professionally in next 6 months

44:40 If you could give all mums in the world one thing, what would it be and why?