Episode 37: How to Successfully Career Change as a Mum with Lauretta Ihonor.

In this episode, Lauretta Ihonor joins the podcast to discuss career change. Lauretta is the founder of theambitionplan.com, a digital platform for women wanting to change career, a coach and has successfully changed careers five times.

Lauretta openly shares practical advice and insight which can be applied to anyone seeking a career change, and specific advice to mums looking to make a change.

In this episode we cover:

  • Lauretta’s amazing career journey, from being a Doctor to fashion, journalism, nutritional medicine and being a magazine editor to setting up theambitionplan.com. Find out the importance of asking ‘why’ in finding the right career for you and letting go of the ‘how’.

  • The exact six steps a mum should take when considering a career change. Lauretta explains the importance of clarity, how to gain the self-belief and self-confidence you need and the three ways you can move job.

  • The specific issues mums may face when wanting to change career, such as childcare costs.

  • The three most important things Lauretta has learnt from her career changes, including not having to start from scratch and how to get a mentor.

For more information please see: https://www.theambitionplan.com/

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04:00 Lauretta’s career journey

07:40 Lauretta’s inner journey through seeking meaning and fulfilment in her career

09:39 What can we be aiming for with our careers?

11:00 The importance of the ‘why’

13:00 Steps a mum should take when transitioning from one career to another

14:13 How to find your passion

16:45 How to get self-belief and self-confidence

17:55 Prioritising your dream scenario

19:07 Three ways you can make a career change

20:44 ‘Leap Frogging’ and how this can solve challenges facing mums with career change

22:04 The power of support groups

27:30 Three things Lauretta has learnt from her career changes

30:10 Why people stay in jobs that don’t fulfil them

31:56 How to get a mentor

33:15 Fear and Lauretta’s experience of it

38:15 Surrounding yourself with people on your wavelength

39:58 The importance of doing your homework

42:00 If you could give one gift to all mothers in world, what would it be and why?