Episode 12 is with Nicky Raby - Nicky is a is an actor, coach, writer, and speaker. I know for so many of us when we become a parent, it sharply puts our working life into focus. What do we really want to do? How can make work, work? Nicky is passionate about helping mothers define their own version of success.

We chat about: 
- Figuring it out as we go
- How becoming a mum can help us get clear on what we really want and what success means to us
- how a lack of time can actually be a gift
- boundaries, saying no and asking for help
- how becoming a mum helps us look at our expectations and limiting beliefs
- knowing our worth, even in a new venture

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If you're interested in working with Nicky find her on the usual social channels and at www.nickyraby.com/personalbrandplan.

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