In this enlightening episode I am joined by Mel Wells to discuss all things body image, self-love and energy.

Mel is the UK’s leading eating psychology and self-love expert, bestselling author of the ‘Goddess Revolution’ and a renowned speaker.

Mel frankly and openly shares her story with eating disorders, food, body image and self-love and describes exactly what made her want to make a change.

Mel shares her expertise and wisdom on how we can change our relationship with food, improve our energy, practice self-love and ultimately bring about a total mind shift in how we view ourselves. 

I often hear mums describe their struggles with body image following having a child, and so this episode is incredibly helpful and relevant to so many mums with issues surrounding food, diet and body image.

We cover in depth the issue of how we can love our bodies even though they may look different post children and provide a toolkit for completely changing not only your relationship with food, but also with yourself.

What we cover: 

  • Mel’s own story; eating disorders, relationships, food, exercise, diets and how one thought changed everything.

  • The biggest problem facing mums and body image issues, and why we’re often asking the wrong question.

  • How changing the way we talk to ourselves can directly change our energy levels.

  • The most important things to do when you want to make a change to how you view yourself, your body and your relationship with food.
  • How we should teach our children, especially girls, about body image and eating.


3:20 Mel’s journey and how she came to share her positive message with the world.

7:48 What the first thing Mel did when she said she wanted to change.

11:25 The significance of Mel referring to her body as ‘Her’.

13:32 Key considerations for exercise, why we must look at our motivation behind it.

16:42 What would Mel say to someone wanting to get pre-baby body back.

18:16 The four seasons of womanhood

20:35 How someone starts to feel good psychologically about body image after pregnancy.

23:41 Mums, energy and how to boost your energy levels.

26:00 Law of attraction and how to generate energy.

27:30 Mel’s intuitive approach to eating and how to be in communication with body.

30:48 What should we be teaching younger girls and the impact of social media

34:10 For someone who wants to change, key considerations

38:32 It’s not just about the recipes

39:15 Mel’s Self-Love Summit

40:15 One thing Mel would give to all mums.

To find out more about Mel Wells, visit and ‘iammelwells’ (Instagram).

Mel hosts events on a regular basis, and is hosting the first Self-Love summit on 28th July 2018, which is ‘A 1 Day Women’s only empowerment event dedicated to revealing the most unapologetic, untamed version of YOU’. For more information please see