Michelle is mum to a four-year-old son and co-founder of Peanut, the ‘tinder for mums’. Michelle was incredibly honest, open and humble - I still can't believe her answer when I asked 'do you feel successful?'.....

What we discuss:

- The parallels between motherhood and start-up businesses
- Perfectionism and Michelle’s mind-shift to ‘done is better than perfect’ 
- The ‘why’ behind Michelle’s vision with Peanut.
- Her superstitions and how she’s using visualisation to overcome them.

Time Stamps
05:00 Why Michelle started Peanut
07:43 the similarity between start-ups and motherhood
10:15 how she copes when things hurt her personally
13:45 Michelle’s parenting style with her son
18:11 realising the detriment of perfectionism
23:33 Michelle’s why
28:57 Superstitions and how she’s overcoming them
33:43 What you shouldn’t say to children
35:24 Sleep therapy
39:27 If you could gift all the mother’s in the world one thing, what would it be and why?

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