Pandora Paloma is a Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach, new mum, and founder of Rooted London. She specialises in women’s health, intuitive eating, and self-love.

In our chat we cover;
- Her experiences of being a new mum, and how she integrated her pre-mum routine into her life as a new mum. 
- Her biggest challenges and what she has learned about herself
since becoming a mum
- How to live intuitively, the importance of giving yourself space to do this and the key element of trust in living an intuitive life. 
- What intuitive eating is and how to practice it. We cover how Pandora eats today, why what we need is constantly changing and how to intuitively know what your body needs. 
- How she put agreements and plans in place before she had her child to ensure that she could maintain self-care and self-love. 
- The self-care and self-love practices she’s using now to stay connected to her true self.

Time Stamps
03:20 Pandora’s background and Rooted London
04:30 Her route into her current work
05:53 What she has learnt about herself through healing herself
07:20 How she has learnt to love herself
10:44 Integrating pre-mum routine into post-mum life
15:12 Boundaries and her daughter
15:52 Pandora’s biggest challenge since becoming a mum
18:50 What she has learnt about herself since becoming a mum
19:40 Mother’s intuition
27:30 Keeping yourself high on priority list
30:00 Self-love is everything

34:55 Pandora’s ‘No Rules’ eating philosophy
38:16 Intuition and Trust
41:02 If you could give all mums in world one thing, what would it be and why?