Episode 44 is with Anna Mathur, who is a Psychotherapist, mental health writer and speaker, Mum of 2 and is currently pregnant. She is well known for her Instagram account where she shares insightful Psycho-educational content.

This is Anna’s first ever Podcast, and she was very open in discussing her own experience of mental health issues, including Post-natal depression and low self-esteem, and how she overcame them. Our discussion is really informative because in sharing her story Anna gives invaluable insight and advice on how to overcome mental health issues, using both her professional and personal experience.

We discuss:

-        Her journey to posting content about mental health on Instagram. Anna explains her passion for Psycho-education and sharing practical techniques that people can apply themselves, in an accessible way.

-        Anna’s experience of Post-natal depression. She shares exactly why she first reached out for help, what the big turning point for her was and when she finally realised she needed support.

-        How Anna overcame perfectionism, low self-esteem and self-hate through addressing her inner dialog, and why this is one of the most challenging (but important) things you can do. We also chat about the power of the language we use with ourselves and others.   

 -        The importance of self-care, and how Anna’s perception of it has changed. She describes why it is so important to her, and how she applies it in practice. She also chats about why looking after yourself isn’t self-indulgence.

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03:04 Anna’s background and the story behind her Instagram account

05:35 Why Anna came to work in Psychotherapy

08:30 Postnatal depression and Anna’s experience of it

10:45 What Anna initially did to address her postnatal depression

13:42 The first steps in Anna realising she couldn’t do it alone, and what stopped her asking for help

16:50 Speaking out in your darkest times

18:31 What does someone do if they don’t have anyone to share feelings with?

21:10 Addressing the inner dialog

28:47 Consciously overcoming apologising all the time, and the power of words

31:30 Anna’s self-care practice and how her perception of it has changed

35:50 Where Anna is at today mentally and emotionally