This week I am joined by Suzy Glaskie. Suzie is a Functional Medicine Health Coach and also Mum of three. We have a really open, honest and at times emotional chat where Suzy explains her journey and what she’s learnt along the way. She also shares invaluable tips on any health issues your child may be having and how to develop effective self-care; which I know will be incredibly useful for so many mums.

Suzy has a unique perspective as she’s experienced both the competing strain of a demanding professional career whilst being a mum and also has incredible insight into health due to her experience and wisdom as a Functional Medicine Health Coach.

We discuss;

-        Suzy’s journey from a stressed PR professional to finding true health and happiness today. She explains how she started becoming involved in health and well-being, and reveals the tipping point for her pursuing it full-time. Hear how she immediately knew why health coaching was her lives’ purpose.

-        The powerful story of her sons’ health issues and his path to being healthy. Suzy openly describes how traditional medicine failed him over a number of years, and reveals how it was natural diet changes that made the real breakthrough. We discuss how Suzy’s realisation that the body can heal itself, informed what she’s done and learnt since this.

-        Suzy’s best advice if you have a health issue or problem with your child. She shares the transformative effect taking your child off gluten can have on many problems. Suzy also stresses the importance of persistence in finding someone who will listen, and who understands the pivotal role of the gut.

-        Self-care and why it’s a necessity and not a luxury, and how it’s vitally important for our children to see we make our own health a top priority. Suzy shares her top three tips for self-care; finding some support, knowing your ‘why’ and taking baby steps.

 Suzy’s company provides Health Coaching and can be found at:

Twitter: @SuzyGlaskie

Facebook: @PeppermintWellness


4:40 Suzy’s background and journey

11:00 Her struggle with her career whilst having young children

16:15 How Suzy came into working in health and well-being

19:28 Why she immediately knew that Health Coaching was her purpose

20:05 Suzy’s sons’ health issues and story

29:50 The breakthrough in treating her son’s health issues

31:38 The body can heal itself given a chance

32:50 Advice for finding natural treatment for your child’s health issues

35:40 The top things Suzy sees in busy women as a Functional Medicine Health Coach and the changes we can make

45:30 Suzy’s top three self-care tips

48:54 If you could give one gift to all the mum’s in the world, what would it be and why?