This one’s a bit of a game-changer…in this week’s episode, I’m talking to Eve Rodsky about mental load and invisible labour – a really important topic which we’re hearing a lot about right now.

Eve has just written an incredible book, called Fair Play: Share the Mental Load, Re-balance your Relationship and Transform your Life, which walks us through not just the problem but how to actually solve it. Eve spent seven years studying and understanding this topic and her message is that if we really want equality, we have to change how much mental load we are taking on.

Reese Witherspoon describes Eve as ‘the Marie Kondo for sorting out your life, not your drawers’…listen in as we speak about:

  • Why the game is so rigged against us

  • Eve’s moment of realising that something had to change

  • Some of the shocking statistics around mental load, invisible labour and inequality

  • Why the ‘I’m the only one who can do it right’ mentality isn’t helping

  • The solution – how we can make a change

I’ve also got five copies of Eve’s book, ‘Fair Play’ up for grabs – it’s a guide to dividing the mental load and invisible work more fairly in our families. For your chance to win a copy,  head over to my Instagram to enter.