Do you feel the pressure of modern parenthood? You’re not alone. I always say, if you are finding it hard, it’s because it IS hard. 

In this week’s episode I chat to Dr Emma Svanberg (known as The Mumologist), who is a clinical psychologist specialising in pregnancy, birth and parenting, about some of those pressures and what we can do to ease them. 

Listen to this episode if you want to hear….

  • Why we’re parenting in unprecedented times 

  • How to be a ‘good enough’ mother

  • Attachment theory and modern parenting

  • How to choose external childcare 

  • Feminism, parenting and choice 

  • How to handle relationship challenges 

  • The importance of community and vulnerability 

I’ve bagged 5 copies of Emma’s new book ‘Why birth trauma matters’ - which is a guide to birth and birth related trauma, what causes it and how you can begin to recover. If you want a chance to win a copy - pop onto my Instagram to enter.