This week I am chatting to the amazing Lou Kirby, founder of Woman Read- a global platform to help inspire, support and empower us to be the women we want to be but also talk about the issues we face as women today.

Lou and I chatted about:

  • Her background and journey. Lou shares her experience of having a demanding corporate career whilst being a new Mum and the challenges it brought her. She openly describes the invaluable lessons she learnt about working as a Mum, including the importance of putting yourself as a priority.

  • Her expectations going into motherhood and why they didn’t help. Lou explains her expectation that she would manage motherhood with ease, and take competing demands in her stride. She explains how this was far from the reality she experienced, and we discuss how motherhood is often an on-going challenge no matter what stage you’re at.

  • Losing her sense of self and how she found it again. Lou chats about how she lost her sense of identity when she went back to work following maternity leave. She explains exactly what she did to overcome this- including positive affirmations and the power of stopping over-thinking.

  • Her top tools and tips for empowerment. Lou gives valuable insight into how to deal with your negative inner voice, through self-kindness and ultimately having a better relationship with yourself. She also discusses the benefits of writing down positive statements, such as everything you’re doing well, on a daily basis.