In this Episode, I am joined by Amy Rushworth. Amy is a leading confidence mentor, wellness speaker and life coach, specialising in confidence in women, and runs

We cover-

-        Where Amy’s passion for confidence from. Amy shares her personal journey to reviving her own confidence, from childhood to today. She explains how pivotal childhood experiences can be, and the importance of looking at exactly when your inner self-worth was lost.

-        The first things to do when looking to improve your confidence. Amy describes why it’s important to look back when thinking about your current limiting beliefs. We discuss exactly how to go from understanding when you lost your confident self, to re-finding that confidence.

-        Why women can lose their confidence as they transition through life, and how to regain it. Amy discusses the importance of having a foundation of understanding that you’re enough whilst pursuing external goals.

-        How to start feeling enough. Amy discusses just how important a role self-kindness and self-awareness play, and practical tools for these. She shares her insight on why it’s necessary to take action with self-kindness.

-        Fear around parenting and being the perfect Mum. Amy shares advice on perfectionism, which she finds is often magnified in Mums. She explains why we should also celebrate failures, and how viewing life through a perfectionist lens can create blocks in connecting with people.

-        Instilling confidence in children. Amy describes the importance of love, releasing the need to control and letting go of the need for children to be continually happy. We chat about why it’s so important to allow children to have their own feelings and their own space.

Amy can be found at-

Instagram: @wellnesswithamy