In this week’s episode I’m talking with Tamu Thomas, founder of Three Sixty, a wellness brand aimed at women in their late thirties and forties. Tamu delivers her work through holistic life coaching, group work, public speaking, podcasting and writing. Her passion is helping women find their joy. 

What does joy mean to you?

In her late 30s, Tamu’s life was turned upside down by an existential crisis. After years of confusing achievement with fulfilment, she began to think about life differently and journeyed back towards joy. Today, Tamu describes joy as a calm, peaceful, contented space where we notice small beautiful things that are so often hidden in plain sight when we’re too busy running around.

We discuss:

-       What joy is to her

-       Her experience of anxiety and depression 

-       Productivity addiction

-       Self-kindness and compassion 

-       What she’s teaching her daughter 

-       The one gift she’d give all mums