Episode 48: A new way to think about confidence with Amy Rushworth

Episode 48: A new way to think about confidence with Amy Rushworth

In this Episode, I am joined by Amy Rushworth. Amy is a leading confidence mentor, wellness speaker and life coach, specialising in confidence in women, and runs wellnesswithamy.com.

We cover-

-        Where Amy’s passion for confidence from. Amy shares her personal journey to reviving her own confidence, from childhood to today. She explains how pivotal childhood experiences can be, and the importance of looking at exactly when your inner self-worth was lost.

-        The first things to do when looking to improve your confidence. Amy describes why it’s important to look back when thinking about your current limiting beliefs. We discuss exactly how to go from understanding when you lost your confident self, to re-finding that confidence.

-        Why women can lose their confidence as they transition through life, and how to regain it. Amy discusses the importance of having a foundation of understanding that you’re enough whilst pursuing external goals.

-        How to start feeling enough. Amy discusses just how important a role self-kindness and self-awareness play, and practical tools for these. She shares her insight on why it’s necessary to take action with self-kindness.

-        Fear around parenting and being the perfect Mum. Amy shares advice on perfectionism, which she finds is often magnified in Mums. She explains why we should also celebrate failures, and how viewing life through a perfectionist lens can create blocks in connecting with people.

-        Instilling confidence in children. Amy describes the importance of love, releasing the need to control and letting go of the need for children to be continually happy. We chat about why it’s so important to allow children to have their own feelings and their own space.

Amy can be found at-


Instagram: @wellnesswithamy

Episode 47: Finding balance within the busy with Kelly Pietrangeli

Episode 47: Finding balance within the busy with Kelly Pietrangeli

This week, I am joined by Kelly Pietrangeli. Kelly is the founder Project Me, which aims to help busy Mums lead more balanced lives. She has also written the book ‘Project Me for Busy Mothers: A Practical Guide to Finding a Happier Balance’ which is highly recommended.

I was really excited to talk to Kelly as the truly understands the highly stressed and time-poor life that will resonate with so many Mums. She provides a wealth of practical advice to identify where the stresses in your life are coming from, and ways to improve this to achieve the happy balance you deserve.

We cover-

-        Why she started Project Me. Kelly explains what the light bulb moment in her starting her current work was, and why her house renovation inspired her to make a change.

 -        The path to where she is now. Kelly shares her fascinating career history including working for Johnny Depp. She explains how embarking on her Project Me journey had a transformative effect on herself and her experience as a mother. We discuss the ‘Why’ that drives her mission.

-        Why time management and productivity is crucial for Mums (and how to improve it). We chat about the importance of designing your day, and being feelings led in your day-to-day life. Kelly shares the power of having a game plan. She provides practical advice on putting changes to your life in place when you don’t have much time.

-        Personal growth and how everything in your life flows out from it. Kelly explains her definition of personal growth, and the benefits of thinking beyond your physical body.

 -        Health and fitness and the importance of deciding what it means for you. We discuss practical strategies for fitting in fitness activities, and how scheduling can help. Kelly explains just how crucial checking in with yourself once a month is when it comes to personal health.

Project Me can be found at: https://myprojectme.com/

IG: kellyprojectme


Episode 46: How was your matrescence? With Dr Alexandra Sacks

Episode 46: How was your matrescence? With Dr Alexandra Sacks

In this Episode I am joined by Dr. Alexandra Sacks, who is a Reproductive Psychiatrist and world-renowned expert on matrescence. She reached a global audience with her TED Talk, ‘A new way to think about the transition to Motherhood’, which resonated widely with Mums across the World.

Alexandra is at the forefront of the worldwide discussion on matrescence, and shares an invaluable insight into the topic, whilst also giving some practical and easy to apply advice for this time in your life.

We talk about:

-        Her background and how her passion for matrescence developed. Alexandra shares how her career in Reproductive Psychiatry led her to talking to women who didn’t have Postnatal Depression, but didn’t feel the same since giving birth. Alexandra describes how this led her to develop her understanding of matrescence, and why it isn’t covered in traditional medical training.

-        Exactly what matrescence is and why it’s important. Alexandra explains why matrescence is a stage just like adolescence, but for mums. She clearly explains how it is not the same as Postnatal Depression, and shares the vital importance of us talking about it and being aware of it.

-        Practical steps we can take to help ourselves in the matresence period.  She urges us to recognise that we are in this period, and emphasises the importance of asking for help. Alexandra also provides guidance on when it’s time to call your doctor regarding your health during this time.

-        Self-care post birth and why your children need you to take care of yourself. Alexandra shares why taking care of yourself isn’t selfish and how it provides a positive model to show your children.  

Alexandra can be found on Instagram: alexandrasacksmd

Dr. Alexandra Sacks has co-authored a book being released on 23rd April 2019, called ‘What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood’, which is available to pre-order on Amazon.


06:00     Alexandra’s background and how she came to give her Ted Talk

10:50     The pattern she recognised in her patients; matrescence

15:00     Where the concept of matrescence comes from and what it means

18:00     Why some women feel ashamed when going through matrescence

19:05     Does every woman go through matrescence?

22:15     The Push/Pull effect and what it means

28:00     Alexandra’s book and what it covers

31:00     Practical advice for when you’re going through matrescence

36:40     Why your baby needs you to take care of yourself

40:40     If you could give just one gift to all the Mums in the world, what would it be and why?



Episode 45: From stressed to serene: finding your way back to health with Suzy Glaskie

Episode 45: From stressed to serene: finding your way back to health with Suzy Glaskie

This week I am joined by Suzy Glaskie. Suzie is a Functional Medicine Health Coach and also Mum of three. We have a really open, honest and at times emotional chat where Suzy explains her journey and what she’s learnt along the way. She also shares invaluable tips on any health issues your child may be having and how to develop effective self-care; which I know will be incredibly useful for so many mums.

Suzy has a unique perspective as she’s experienced both the competing strain of a demanding professional career whilst being a mum and also has incredible insight into health due to her experience and wisdom as a Functional Medicine Health Coach.

We discuss;

-        Suzy’s journey from a stressed PR professional to finding true health and happiness today. She explains how she started becoming involved in health and well-being, and reveals the tipping point for her pursuing it full-time. Hear how she immediately knew why health coaching was her lives’ purpose.

-        The powerful story of her sons’ health issues and his path to being healthy. Suzy openly describes how traditional medicine failed him over a number of years, and reveals how it was natural diet changes that made the real breakthrough. We discuss how Suzy’s realisation that the body can heal itself, informed what she’s done and learnt since this.

-        Suzy’s best advice if you have a health issue or problem with your child. She shares the transformative effect taking your child off gluten can have on many problems. Suzy also stresses the importance of persistence in finding someone who will listen, and who understands the pivotal role of the gut.

-        Self-care and why it’s a necessity and not a luxury, and how it’s vitally important for our children to see we make our own health a top priority. Suzy shares her top three tips for self-care; finding some support, knowing your ‘why’ and taking baby steps.

 Suzy’s company provides Health Coaching and can be found at: http://peppermintwellness.co.uk/

Twitter: @SuzyGlaskie

Facebook: @PeppermintWellness


4:40 Suzy’s background and journey

11:00 Her struggle with her career whilst having young children

16:15 How Suzy came into working in health and well-being

19:28 Why she immediately knew that Health Coaching was her purpose

20:05 Suzy’s sons’ health issues and story

29:50 The breakthrough in treating her son’s health issues

31:38 The body can heal itself given a chance

32:50 Advice for finding natural treatment for your child’s health issues

35:40 The top things Suzy sees in busy women as a Functional Medicine Health Coach and the changes we can make

45:30 Suzy’s top three self-care tips

48:54 If you could give one gift to all the mum’s in the world, what would it be and why?

Episode 44: The power of vulnerability with Anna Mathur

Episode 44: The power of vulnerability with Anna Mathur

Episode 44 is with Anna Mathur, who is a Psychotherapist, mental health writer and speaker, Mum of 2 and is currently pregnant. She is well known for her Instagram account where she shares insightful Psycho-educational content.

This is Anna’s first ever Podcast, and she was very open in discussing her own experience of mental health issues, including Post-natal depression and low self-esteem, and how she overcame them. Our discussion is really informative because in sharing her story Anna gives invaluable insight and advice on how to overcome mental health issues, using both her professional and personal experience.

We discuss:

-        Her journey to posting content about mental health on Instagram. Anna explains her passion for Psycho-education and sharing practical techniques that people can apply themselves, in an accessible way.

-        Anna’s experience of Post-natal depression. She shares exactly why she first reached out for help, what the big turning point for her was and when she finally realised she needed support.

-        How Anna overcame perfectionism, low self-esteem and self-hate through addressing her inner dialog, and why this is one of the most challenging (but important) things you can do. We also chat about the power of the language we use with ourselves and others.   

 -        The importance of self-care, and how Anna’s perception of it has changed. She describes why it is so important to her, and how she applies it in practice. She also chats about why looking after yourself isn’t self-indulgence.

Follow on @annamathur (Instagram)



03:04 Anna’s background and the story behind her Instagram account

05:35 Why Anna came to work in Psychotherapy

08:30 Postnatal depression and Anna’s experience of it

10:45 What Anna initially did to address her postnatal depression

13:42 The first steps in Anna realising she couldn’t do it alone, and what stopped her asking for help

16:50 Speaking out in your darkest times

18:31 What does someone do if they don’t have anyone to share feelings with?

21:10 Addressing the inner dialog

28:47 Consciously overcoming apologising all the time, and the power of words

31:30 Anna’s self-care practice and how her perception of it has changed

35:50 Where Anna is at today mentally and emotionally




Episode 43: How to help our children be healthy and happy with Lucinda Miller

Episode 43: How to help our children be healthy and happy with Lucinda Miller

Lucinda Miller brings a fascinating perspective on childhood nutrition. She is a Naturopath, Herbalist and Functional Medicine Practitioner with over twenty years expertise. Lucinda specialises in children, particularly in helping those with learning, behavioural or mental health challenges. She also has a wealth of experience in helping fussy eaters, children with immunity issues or those with digestive problems.

She has a clear central message; if you’re worried about your child in any way, don’t forget the profound impact nutrition can have. Her mission is simple, yet far reaching- to remind us that what we feed our children can have an impact on every aspect of their lives (and ours).

Lucinda has recently released her book “The Good Stuff: Delicious recipes and tips for happier and healthier children”. She has a practical perspective on cooking and food, and believes making one healthy meal from scratch a week can have a true difference.

We discuss-

-        Her background and why she wrote her book. Lucinda explains exactly what her specialities as a Naturopath, Herbalist and Functional Medicine Practitioner are. We discuss the stark difference between traditional medicine and naturopathy; where you’re treating an individual as a whole, rather than individual symptoms.

-        ADHD in children, and her approach to treating it. Lucinda shares the moving story of her own son, who had developmental problems as a child. Hear how after testing him and treating his underlying gut issues and deficiencies, he was transformed and is now applying for University. She explains how this motivated her to pursue her specialism today.

-        What you should do if you are concerned about a health issue with your child. We discuss the importance of not forgetting to consider wider issues such as physical health, diet and environment, if you’re worried about your child from a mental health perspective.

-        Her food philosophy for children. Lucinda reveals exactly why she believes over-processed foods are the root cause of most modern health conditions. We discuss sugar, and how it can be detrimental, but also chat about the dangers of low-sugar alternatives.

Lucinda’s book “The Good Stuff: Delicious recipes and tips for happier and healthier children” is now available on Amazon.


05:10     Why she wrote the book

10:00     The central message in her book

12:06     Functional medicine becoming more mainstream

14:20     Different cultures and their perspective on health and nutrition

17:10     The story of Lucinda’s son

24:00     What to do if you’re concerned about your child

27:50     Her food philosophy for children

32:33     For busy mums: try to get one healthy, made from scratch meal made per week

35:44     Sugar and children

39:40     If you could give one gift to all the mothers in the world, what would it be and why?



Episode 42: how to have children, a career and stay sane (ish) with Christine Armstrong

Episode 42: how to have children, a career and stay sane (ish) with Christine Armstrong

Christine Armstrong is the Author of ‘The Mother of All Jobs: How to Have Children and a Career and Stay Sane (ish)’, which has immediately had a huge impact on the Motherhood and career conversation. She is a mum of 3, Contributing Editor to Management Today and also a co-founder of a communications consultancy.
Her message is clear; if you’re struggling with working and motherhood you’re not alone and it’s not your fault. We have an honest, practical and at times funny discussion on this topic which is
at the heart of so many of our lives and yet often goes unspoken.

We discuss: 
- The reality of working and motherhood
- We discuss why it is the system fundamentally failing and not us as mothers.
- What needs to change; how society has shifted, but the systems in place for childcare and education for children aren’t meeting our needs. 
- Who the happiest people are in the modern system of work and parenting. Learn why those that aren’t in fixed patterns and are flexible are the most happy.
- How to live a life with competing demands and practical solutions.

Christine’s book is available on Amazon ‘The Mother of All Jobs: How to Have Children and a Career
and Stay Sane(ish)’
Christine is active on Twitter: @CArmstrongLDN

Episode 41: Finding your purpose with Jessica Huie MBE

Episode 41: Finding your purpose with Jessica Huie MBE

Jessica Huie MBE went from being a teenager mum, expelled from school and living in a hostel, to being an award-winning entrepreneur and PR maven (working with some of the World’s biggest names including Meghan Markle). She was also listed in Glamour Magazine’s Power List as one of the UK’s most influential women.

Jessica is a mum of two, a step-mum and an author; having just released a book with Hay House called, ‘Purpose: Find your Truth and Embrace Your Calling’.

We cover;

  • Her background and how she came to be where she is today. Jessica reveals the inner issues that came with the massive success she achieved. We also discuss the transformative effect meditation had on her outlook and life.

  • Her spiritual outlook on the world; Jessica explains how and why being of service to others is so vital to our well-being, and what happens when we stop doing this.

  • How she found her true purpose, and why staying connected to a higher power has changed her life from being unsustainable and feeling unsupported to one where she ultimately knows she is supported. Jessica explains how this has led to a radically different view on life.

  • Her challenges and growth as a mother. We chat about how she aims to create an environment where her children can evolve, rather than shaping them in a pre-determined way.



Jessica’s book ‘Purpose: Find Your Truth and Embrace Your Calling’ is available now on Amazon


04:56 Jessica’s background

07:10 Her path from a highly successful career to an inner focused way of living

09:15 The transformative effect of her dad’s diagnosis of cancer

12:10 Pain as a teacher

14:40 Where we experience true joy and purpose

15:57 Receptions to Jessica’s book

17:55 Her purpose today

22:40 How Jessica approaches a problem now

25:10 Creating an environment of spiritual growth for children

29:50 Where should people start their journey of inner work?

31:04 Important books on Jessica’s journey

Episode 40: Amelia Freer on self care and the first year of motherhood

Episode 40: Amelia Freer on self care and the first year of motherhood

This week I was honoured to be joined by Amelia Freer, who many of you may be familiar with already. Amelia is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, best-selling author of three books - the latest being the beautiful ‘Nourish & Glow: The 10 Day Plan’ and a Mum to her one year old daughter.

We discuss;

- Amelia’s difficult journey to becoming pregnant with her daughter

- Her approach to nutrition and diet, and how she came to it. She shares her relationship with food and how going to see a Nutritional Therapist set her on the path that led her to where she is today.

- Whether she has managed to put herself at the top as a priority since becoming a Mum, and why we should do this.

- How she has managed to overcome the difficulties of working whilst being a Mum to a young daughter.

- How her nutrition and diet have changed since becoming a Mum.

Follow Amelia on Instagram @ameliafreer

Amelia’s latest book ‘Nourish & Glow: The 10 Day Plan’ (2017) is available on Amazon

Her website is ameliafreer.com


4:30 What Amelia does and her journey into motherhood

08:25 Amelia’s experience of pregnancy

9:07 Food cravings during pregnancy

13:45 Her journey to forming her nutritional outlook and the history of her relationship with food

18:23 The Positive Nutrition Pyramid

22:00 Putting yourself first

26:45 The importance of talking about the realities of being an early Mum

30:30 Work and Motherhood; how Amelia structures her time

38:20 How has Amelia’s diet changed since becoming a Mum

44:58 If you could give one gift to all the Mums in the World, what would it be and why?

Episode 39: Katherine Ormerod on why social media is ruining our lives

Episode 39: Katherine Ormerod on why social media is ruining our lives

Katherine Ormerod worked as a journalist for over a decade (Sunday Times Style, Grazia, Glamour). She is also a social media influencer in her own right and in 2017 she launched workworkwork.co an anti-perfectionism platform. She recently released her book ‘Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life’, which looks at the impact that social media is having on society, and the necessity of distinguishing it from real life.

We cover:

- Katherine’s journey of becoming an influencer on Instagram and then writing her book.

- The life experiences that have formed where she is now, including the massive impact her divorce had on her life and outlook.

- Social Media and the impact it has on us, our children and society as a whole.

- Motherhood and Social Media. Hear why Katherine only shares pictures of her son on a second account and the dilemma of not being able to ask children for permission for pictures.

Follow Katherine on;

@katherine_ormerod (Instagram)


Her book ‘Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life’ is out now at Amazon.co.uk

Episode 38: Steph Douglas on marriage, body image and pulling up the drawbridge

Episode 38: Steph Douglas on marriage, body image and pulling up the drawbridge

In this week’s episode, I am joined by the amazing Steph Douglas. Steph owns the highly successful thoughtful gift company dontbuyherflowers.com, and has recently returned to work after having her third child.

We cover:

  • How and why she started her business. Learn how Steph started with a blog, and how the main inspiration for this was the anger she felt after giving birth.

  • How she keeps her marriage healthy and communication levels strong. Hear how she benefitted from pre-baby couple’s therapy and the importance of sharing small events in your daily life with your partner.

  • Steph’s well-being and self-care routine. Steph shares the transformative effect writing has had on her well-being. We also gain an insight into how Steph went from an unhealthy relationship with food to a healthy and happy one.

  • Living with a partner who has Cancer. Discover the impact Steph’s husband’s Cancer diagnosis had on her, her husband and their relationship.

Steph can be found at:

@steph_dontbuyherflowers (Instagram)


An article relating to ‘Emotional Labour’ (as mentioned by Steph) written by Gemma Hartley can be found here: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/features/a12063822/emotional-labor-gender-equality/


04:08 Steph’s journey to starting her business

09:07 Equality and how we still copy our parents in some ways

15:05 Arguments in couples and why bickering isn’t always a bad thing

17:20 Steph’s experience of pre-baby couples’ therapy

19:06 The benefits of sharing everyday events with your partner

21:30 What Steph would say to someone who’s newly married?

26:44 How Steph looks after her well-being

27:45 Steph’s relationship with food

28:40 Body image and accepting your body

37:10 What Steph is working on personally

40:45 The challenges that Steph’s husbands’ Cancer diagnosis brought

50:30 What’s next for Steph’s business?

55:13 If you could give one gift to all the mums in the world, what would it be and why?

Episode 37: Business leader Dimitra Davidson on the importance of vulnerability


Episode 37: Business leader Dimitra Davidson on the importance of vulnerability

In this sponsored episode, I am joined by Dimitra Davidson. Dimitra is the President and COO of Indeed Labs, a global skincare brand, a hugely successful businesswoman and mum to three girls.

We cover:

  • Self-care and how she manages her own well-being. Find out the importance to her of having time to reflect and the power of being alone.

  • Her experience of parenting; from her own parenting style to what her daughters have taught her about vulnerability. Learn how she has carried this lesson on vulnerability through to all aspects of her life.

  • Work and life balance. Hear why she strongly believes in achieving this balance and how she supports the team who work for her in achieving it.

  • Business advice on setting up a business and the reality of running a business.

This episode was brought to you in partnership with Indeed Labs, who can be found at https://indeedlabs.com/


04:38 Dimitra’s journey into her current business

07:30 Dimitra’s ‘why’ and what gets her up in the morning

09:15 Self-care and being kind to yourself whilst also being a successful businesswoman

13:20 You don’t have to know it all

14:10 What is beauty?

17:00 What Dimitra’s daughters have taught her about life and business

19:10 Vulnerability in business

21:50 The importance of work/life balance

24:20 Dimitra’s parenting style

28:10 Advice for starting a business or brand

33:00 Dimitra’s guilt as a mum

35:00 What’s happening for Dimitra personally and professionally in next 6 months

44:40 If you could give all mums in the world one thing, what would it be and why?


Episode 36: How to change careers with Loretta Ihonor

Episode 36: How to change careers with Loretta Ihonor

Episode 37: How to Successfully Career Change as a Mum with Lauretta Ihonor.

In this episode, Lauretta Ihonor joins the podcast to discuss career change. Lauretta is the founder of theambitionplan.com, a digital platform for women wanting to change career, a coach and has successfully changed careers five times.

Lauretta openly shares practical advice and insight which can be applied to anyone seeking a career change, and specific advice to mums looking to make a change.

In this episode we cover:

  • Lauretta’s amazing career journey, from being a Doctor to fashion, journalism, nutritional medicine and being a magazine editor to setting up theambitionplan.com. Find out the importance of asking ‘why’ in finding the right career for you and letting go of the ‘how’.

  • The exact six steps a mum should take when considering a career change. Lauretta explains the importance of clarity, how to gain the self-belief and self-confidence you need and the three ways you can move job.

  • The specific issues mums may face when wanting to change career, such as childcare costs.

  • The three most important things Lauretta has learnt from her career changes, including not having to start from scratch and how to get a mentor.

For more information please see: https://www.theambitionplan.com/

The Ambition Plan is hosting its Breaking into Media Event in London, on 3rd October 2018

@theambitionplan.com on Instagram

@theambitionplan.com on Twitter


04:00 Lauretta’s career journey

07:40 Lauretta’s inner journey through seeking meaning and fulfilment in her career

09:39 What can we be aiming for with our careers?

11:00 The importance of the ‘why’

13:00 Steps a mum should take when transitioning from one career to another

14:13 How to find your passion

16:45 How to get self-belief and self-confidence

17:55 Prioritising your dream scenario

19:07 Three ways you can make a career change

20:44 ‘Leap Frogging’ and how this can solve challenges facing mums with career change

22:04 The power of support groups

27:30 Three things Lauretta has learnt from her career changes

30:10 Why people stay in jobs that don’t fulfil them

31:56 How to get a mentor

33:15 Fear and Lauretta’s experience of it

38:15 Surrounding yourself with people on your wavelength

39:58 The importance of doing your homework

42:00 If you could give one gift to all mothers in world, what would it be and why?

Episode 35: Why you might be physically and emotionally depleted with Dr Oscar Serrallach

Episode 35: Why you might be physically and emotionally depleted with Dr Oscar Serrallach

Dr Oscar Serralach is a qualified family Doctor and G.P, author and an advocate for mother’s health. He is best known for his work on Post-Natal Depletion, which resonated with women so deeply and widely when it was posted on goop.com (Gwyneth Paltrow’s platform) that it crashed the site.

We cover;

  • What Post-Natal Depletion is, and how it encompasses physical, emotional and mental well-being.

  • Dr. Oscar’s journey to becoming aware of and then writing about Post-Natal Depletion, and the vital role noticing patterns in mothers around him played.

  • How to know when to seek help post-pregnancy if noticing Post-Natal Depletion symptoms.

  • How to recover if your time post-pregnancy isn’t ideal. Dr. Oscar explains the power of micro-napping, mindfulness and supplementing with herbs in recovery from any depletion.

  • The concept of ‘Matresence’ or the transition from womanhood to motherhood, and how women who are supported in this can help form stronger communities.

Dr Oscar Serralach’s website: http://oscarserrallach.com/

Dr Oscar Serrelach’s book is available on Amazon: “The Postnatal Depletion Cure: A Complete Guide to Rebuilding Your Health and Reclaiming Your Energy for Mothers of Newborns, Toddlers and Young Children”

Ashwagandha (recommended by Dr. Serralach in the Podcast) is available through wildnutrition.com.

Episode 34: Therapy, self-acceptance and gratitude with Freddie Harrel

Episode 34: Therapy, self-acceptance and gratitude with Freddie Harrel

Freddie Harrel is a prominent style blogger (having won Cosmopolitan Influencer of the Year ’18), confidence coach, entrepreneur and mum to a young son. Freddie has an amazing vibrancy and energy about her, which really comes through in our chat.

We discuss:

  • Her journey from corporate finance to fashion blogging, and how this mirrored her personal growth from self-hatred to self-acceptance.

  • The vital role therapy played in allowing her to understand the different aspects of herself that allowed her flourish in all aspects of her life, and overcome self-hatred.

  • The spiritual practices she uses today, including gratitude, journaling and law of attraction principles to manifest the energy and situations she wants in her life.

  • Motherhood and guilt, particularly the guilt associated through working through pregnancy and early motherhood.

  • Recognising our individual strengths as mums and  how it’s good to acknowledge that we are sometimes better with children at different stages of their lives.



@freddieharrel on Instagram

Freddie Harrel Timestamps

03:20 Why the summer is a transitional period for Freddie

04:53 Tools she uses to grow during challenging summer period

06:42 Freddie’s meditation practice

08:20 The consequences of Freddie missing her meditation

08:40 Self-hatred and the relationship Freddie has with herself

10:17 How has self-hatred manifested for Freddie?

11:48 Her career journey from banking to fashion blogging

15:20 How she transformed from self-hating to becoming her true self

19:00 Therapy and the origins of her blog

22:45 Freddie’s spiritual practice

26:25 the power of asking the universe for what you want and gratitude

28:03 Guilt and motherhood

33:05 Social media and the impact on expectations

37:21 What has Freddie’s child taught her about herself?

41:20 What we can learn from children

44:30 What Freddie is currently working on, personally and professionally

49:25 If you could give all the mum’s in the world one thing, what would it be and why?

Episode 33: how to find and listen to your intuition with Pandora Paloma of Rooted London

Episode 33: how to find and listen to your intuition with Pandora Paloma of Rooted London

Pandora Paloma is a Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach, new mum, and founder of Rooted London. She specialises in women’s health, intuitive eating, and self-love.

In our chat we cover;
- Her experiences of being a new mum, and how she integrated her pre-mum routine into her life as a new mum. 
- Her biggest challenges and what she has learned about herself
since becoming a mum
- How to live intuitively, the importance of giving yourself space to do this and the key element of trust in living an intuitive life. 
- What intuitive eating is and how to practice it. We cover how Pandora eats today, why what we need is constantly changing and how to intuitively know what your body needs. 
- How she put agreements and plans in place before she had her child to ensure that she could maintain self-care and self-love. 
- The self-care and self-love practices she’s using now to stay connected to her true self.

Time Stamps
03:20 Pandora’s background and Rooted London
04:30 Her route into her current work
05:53 What she has learnt about herself through healing herself
07:20 How she has learnt to love herself
10:44 Integrating pre-mum routine into post-mum life
15:12 Boundaries and her daughter
15:52 Pandora’s biggest challenge since becoming a mum
18:50 What she has learnt about herself since becoming a mum
19:40 Mother’s intuition
27:30 Keeping yourself high on priority list
30:00 Self-love is everything

34:55 Pandora’s ‘No Rules’ eating philosophy
38:16 Intuition and Trust
41:02 If you could give all mums in world one thing, what would it be and why?


Episode 32: Peanut co-founder Michelle Kennedy on motherhood and entrepreneurship

Episode 32: Peanut co-founder Michelle Kennedy on motherhood and entrepreneurship

Michelle is mum to a four-year-old son and co-founder of Peanut, the ‘tinder for mums’. Michelle was incredibly honest, open and humble - I still can't believe her answer when I asked 'do you feel successful?'.....

What we discuss:

- The parallels between motherhood and start-up businesses
- Perfectionism and Michelle’s mind-shift to ‘done is better than perfect’ 
- The ‘why’ behind Michelle’s vision with Peanut.
- Her superstitions and how she’s using visualisation to overcome them.

Time Stamps
05:00 Why Michelle started Peanut
07:43 the similarity between start-ups and motherhood
10:15 how she copes when things hurt her personally
13:45 Michelle’s parenting style with her son
18:11 realising the detriment of perfectionism
23:33 Michelle’s why
28:57 Superstitions and how she’s overcoming them
33:43 What you shouldn’t say to children
35:24 Sleep therapy
39:27 If you could gift all the mother’s in the world one thing, what would it be and why?

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Episode 31: Suzy Ashworth on unconditional love, self-care and living from the inside

Episode 31: Suzy Ashworth on unconditional love, self-care and living from the inside

Suzy Ashworth is a business and mindset coach to female entrepreneurs, Founder of the Calm Birth School, a Hay House Author, mum to four children, as well as being a speaker with Tedx. 

We cover:

  • Her journey of personal development which started twenty years ago, and how she started moving away from a disconnected life.

  • Her work with a parenting coach and the profound take-away lessons from this.

  • How her step-son moving back in with her family taught her lessons on unconditional love.

  • The vital importance of her morning routine, and what she’s like without it!

  • Why she recommends that everyone should have a daily routine of self-car

Suzy’s website: http://suzyashworth.com/

Check out Suzy's signature programme http://suzyashworth.com/limitless/

Episode 30: Clemmie Telford on therapy, anxiety and being present

Episode 30: Clemmie Telford on therapy, anxiety and being present

Clemmie Telford is a mum of 3, creative strategist and blogger. She started her incredibly popular blog, Mother of All Lists during her second maternity leave. 

What we cover
- How she manages to stay present with three children to be the best mum she can be, and her ‘no phone’ rule
- How Clemmie found her recovery period from her third child
- Why couples’ therapy is so important
- Clemmie talks openly on her own struggles with anxiety, including those surrounding birth
and being a mum.
- What Clemmie has learnt about herself through parenting

Clemmie’s blog, a collection of lists about parenting and beyond, can be found at:
Twitter: @clemmie_telford
Instagram: @clemmie_telford

Episode 29: Madeline Shaw on intuition, healthy eating and switching off

Episode 29: Madeline Shaw on intuition, healthy eating and switching off

Madeline Shaw is one of the UK's best-known wellbeing influencers, she is a yoga teacher, health coach, and qualified nutritionist. She's written 3 best selling cookbooks (all of which I have and recommend). She's also mum to a gorgeous 10-month-old boy. So yes, I ask her how she fits it all in!

Chatting with Madeline was a joy, she knowledgeable, fun, wise and kind - we cover so much in our chat....highlights include:

- Her experience of motherhood, the newborn phase, breastfeeding and learning to listen to her intuition
- Being a working mum and guilt
- Routines and rituals - including how she manages her phone use
- Easy to implement, quick and effective healthy eating tips: meal prep and healthy snacking
- Madeleine’s greatest challenges as a mum so far
- Madeleine’s own experiences of childhood, and what she will pass on to her son

Madeleine can be contacted at http://madeleineshaw.com/ and @madeleine_shaw_ on Instagram.

Time stamps
4:03 How Madeleine found the newborn phase and how trusting her intuition proved right
06:54 Madeleine’s experience of the challenge of expectations as a mum
10:20 Why Madeleine loves positive affirmations
12:33 The comparison trap and social media
15:05 Madeleine’s childcare setup and why she feels no guilt about it

19:40 Morning routines and their benefits
25:20 Madeleine’s tips for adopting a healthier diet
32:50 Experiences of anxiety as a mum
34:00 Madeleine’s greatest challenge so far as a mum
35:20 what values does Madeleine want to take from her own family and give to her son?
39:30 How Madeleine is working on her morning routine
47:00 If Madeleine could gift all the mum’s in the world one thing, what would it be and why?