This episode is incredibly special to me as it’s with my amazing Kundalini yoga teacher, Gurmukh Khalsa. You probably haven’t heard of Gurmukh but you will definitely have heard of some of her students who include Madonna, Reese Witherspoon and Miranda Kerr.

Gurmukh is a master kundalini teacher (she was taught by Yogi Bhajan), she co-founded the Golden Bridge yoga centres in LA and New York and has written 2 best selling books. Her book on pregnancy and birth is incredible – called Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in conscious pregnancy and birth, it became my bible as I was preparing for my home birth. In fact, Gurmukh was one of the first teachers to do pre and post natal classes and pioneered the home + natural birth movement.

Gurmukh is an incredible woman, whenever I’m in her presence I just feel like a more evolved version of myself – she really is an inspiration and her story is wonderfully life affirming.

What we cover in this episode: 

  • Her journey from hippy to Kundalini Yoga Master 
  • How you know when you're called to become a mother 
  • Meditation in motherhood and why motherhood is the perfect time to start meditating 
  • What our generation of mothers are being called to do 
  • Her Khalsa Way Pre-Natal Yoga trainings 

I hope Gurmukh’s gentleness and wisdom inspire you and if you enjoyed the episode please leave a review on itunes.