Zephyr has been teaching Yoga since 2002 in London, trained via Yoga Campus and has been a Mentor on their yoga training program since 2005. Zephyr currently teaches at The Life Centre, yoga centres around London, privately, through online platforms such as (Movement for Modern Life – which has been described as the Netflix for yoga).

She is an also Yoga Ambassador for Our Mala and Lululemon. You might have seen Zephyr on Fearne Cotton’s Happiness Project series or read about her in Fearne’s book also called Happy.

I loved recording this episode - Zephyr is such a wise, gentle soul and her story is incredibly inspiring. I can't wait for you hear it. 

What we cover in the episode: 

  • Zephyr's journey into yoga
  • Her hippy childhood and what it taught her 
  • 12 step recovery in Al Anon
  • Parenting through grief and loss
  • Awarefulness - Zephyr's unique take on mindfulness

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