Madeline Shaw is one of the UK's best-known wellbeing influencers, she is a yoga teacher, health coach, and qualified nutritionist. She's written 3 best selling cookbooks (all of which I have and recommend). She's also mum to a gorgeous 10-month-old boy. So yes, I ask her how she fits it all in!

Chatting with Madeline was a joy, she knowledgeable, fun, wise and kind - we cover so much in our chat....highlights include:

- Her experience of motherhood, the newborn phase, breastfeeding and learning to listen to her intuition
- Being a working mum and guilt
- Routines and rituals - including how she manages her phone use
- Easy to implement, quick and effective healthy eating tips: meal prep and healthy snacking
- Madeleine’s greatest challenges as a mum so far
- Madeleine’s own experiences of childhood, and what she will pass on to her son

Madeleine can be contacted at and @madeleine_shaw_ on Instagram.

Time stamps
4:03 How Madeleine found the newborn phase and how trusting her intuition proved right
06:54 Madeleine’s experience of the challenge of expectations as a mum
10:20 Why Madeleine loves positive affirmations
12:33 The comparison trap and social media
15:05 Madeleine’s childcare setup and why she feels no guilt about it

19:40 Morning routines and their benefits
25:20 Madeleine’s tips for adopting a healthier diet
32:50 Experiences of anxiety as a mum
34:00 Madeleine’s greatest challenge so far as a mum
35:20 what values does Madeleine want to take from her own family and give to her son?
39:30 How Madeleine is working on her morning routine
47:00 If Madeleine could gift all the mum’s in the world one thing, what would it be and why?