In this Episode I am joined by Dr. Alexandra Sacks, who is a Reproductive Psychiatrist and world-renowned expert on matrescence. She reached a global audience with her TED Talk, ‘A new way to think about the transition to Motherhood’, which resonated widely with Mums across the World.

Alexandra is at the forefront of the worldwide discussion on matrescence, and shares an invaluable insight into the topic, whilst also giving some practical and easy to apply advice for this time in your life.

We talk about:

-        Her background and how her passion for matrescence developed. Alexandra shares how her career in Reproductive Psychiatry led her to talking to women who didn’t have Postnatal Depression, but didn’t feel the same since giving birth. Alexandra describes how this led her to develop her understanding of matrescence, and why it isn’t covered in traditional medical training.

-        Exactly what matrescence is and why it’s important. Alexandra explains why matrescence is a stage just like adolescence, but for mums. She clearly explains how it is not the same as Postnatal Depression, and shares the vital importance of us talking about it and being aware of it.

-        Practical steps we can take to help ourselves in the matresence period.  She urges us to recognise that we are in this period, and emphasises the importance of asking for help. Alexandra also provides guidance on when it’s time to call your doctor regarding your health during this time.

-        Self-care post birth and why your children need you to take care of yourself. Alexandra shares why taking care of yourself isn’t selfish and how it provides a positive model to show your children.  

Alexandra can be found on Instagram: alexandrasacksmd

Dr. Alexandra Sacks has co-authored a book being released on 23rd April 2019, called ‘What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood’, which is available to pre-order on Amazon.


06:00     Alexandra’s background and how she came to give her Ted Talk

10:50     The pattern she recognised in her patients; matrescence

15:00     Where the concept of matrescence comes from and what it means

18:00     Why some women feel ashamed when going through matrescence

19:05     Does every woman go through matrescence?

22:15     The Push/Pull effect and what it means

28:00     Alexandra’s book and what it covers

31:00     Practical advice for when you’re going through matrescence

36:40     Why your baby needs you to take care of yourself

40:40     If you could give just one gift to all the Mums in the world, what would it be and why?