This week, I am joined by Kelly Pietrangeli. Kelly is the founder Project Me, which aims to help busy Mums lead more balanced lives. She has also written the book ‘Project Me for Busy Mothers: A Practical Guide to Finding a Happier Balance’ which is highly recommended.

I was really excited to talk to Kelly as the truly understands the highly stressed and time-poor life that will resonate with so many Mums. She provides a wealth of practical advice to identify where the stresses in your life are coming from, and ways to improve this to achieve the happy balance you deserve.

We cover-

-        Why she started Project Me. Kelly explains what the light bulb moment in her starting her current work was, and why her house renovation inspired her to make a change.

 -        The path to where she is now. Kelly shares her fascinating career history including working for Johnny Depp. She explains how embarking on her Project Me journey had a transformative effect on herself and her experience as a mother. We discuss the ‘Why’ that drives her mission.

-        Why time management and productivity is crucial for Mums (and how to improve it). We chat about the importance of designing your day, and being feelings led in your day-to-day life. Kelly shares the power of having a game plan. She provides practical advice on putting changes to your life in place when you don’t have much time.

-        Personal growth and how everything in your life flows out from it. Kelly explains her definition of personal growth, and the benefits of thinking beyond your physical body.

 -        Health and fitness and the importance of deciding what it means for you. We discuss practical strategies for fitting in fitness activities, and how scheduling can help. Kelly explains just how crucial checking in with yourself once a month is when it comes to personal health.

Project Me can be found at:

IG: kellyprojectme